Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fat People Are Jolly!!

Warning: The immediate cause of this post is a television series titled "Biggest Loser" on the hallmark channel(i know, like who even watches hallmark channel, right? i come home after a long time(2 days, no i didn't go anywhere, i was a bit busy) and i am beaten by popular vote, to spend the first five minutes i get to watch tv, to watch some show about fat people crying, of course the rest of the time i utilized in sleeping(time well spent, don't you agree?))

Warning 2: This post has been written over a matter of 7 days whenever a laptop or a computer was found near me so the thought might not be very consistent throughout
Back to the topic, it is my firm belief that fat people are comparatively more jollier than people who are not very fat(like totally, who ever is opposite to this guy(this guy meaning me, for further doubts refer to the post "Parenthesis (aside))" has to be jolly). Though it may not always be true that the fatter the jollier. What i am trying to convey(like i have told hundreds of people complaining about "weight issues")there is nothing wrong in being fat or eating excess. i have 3-4 butter naans and 2-3 curries all by myself when i eat out(+desert), i sure am no good for an example but i feel people should be less concerned about their weight and what other people think about it. What i resent is not people complaining, people just need a reason to whine all the time, what i don't like is when they do really weird stuff under the name "Weight loss". Please eat, and eat what you'd like to eat, food is like beer, sure it makes you fat, but you love it(not the best representation, huh?(how about, food is like wine.... umm no, lets not go there either). What really amuses me is how this has become such a big problem, i mean, say 2 decades ago there weren't so many people who complained about being "obese" or the concept of an institution dedicated for weight reduction was absurd. We even had actors and actresses who are fat(in the lead roles!!). What happened? Suddenly fat walked out of the home of fashion and closed the door so hard it made the owner angry?

Now if someone complains about how they were made fun of for being fat or looked at otherwise, i understand how you feel, i was made fun of for being thin(extremely thin is a keyword here and that is one thing he really hates, being thin.) remember those days when people made you eat and eat just because you are thin(they still exist btw) and all those people who complained about you being weak and all cruel and nasty stuff. Take it to another level, is there something(anything at all) unusual about you that people ask you to change some characteristic or some feature that might not seem appropriate to pass off as normal or ordinary?(well if there isn't and you are a hot young chick email me your number ;)) for one at least i believe that everyone might answer the previous question in the positive because face it, no body is perfect, or for that even ordinary. All im trying to say is if you are not yourself then who will be?(it's funny you know, 8 beers and still he talks serious shit)

Back to the topic, Fat people are jolly, even if it is related to their weight or not(Yes, that was not supposed to make sense). I guess the reason they are kinder to people is because they lack egoistic feelings. Whatever may be the reason, the bigger the person, the better they are inside. That is generally the case, though it may differ from person to person

To sign off, here is a fat, happy and lazy cat's opinions on exercise:


  1. I have also heard fat people sing good.
    They can be used as door rams if you dont have the key, or may be you lost it(the key I mean).
    They can also be good pillows, I have many friends who are commited and uncomplaining pillows to me. Their pillowness inspires me to slep on them and decrease the chaos in the world.

  2. LOL! I whole heartedly agree n am the living example no ? :D

  3. T-REX
    im not able to follow, pillows can be used as door rams?

    Winnie the poohi
    You do not have the write to even call yourself the example after you went to VLCC or wherever it is that you went. But your performance there is appreciable :P

  4. hummmmmm....Jollier,what next?, but world shows more of the shut doors. End of the day, we say who cares, when we cared to the core! :-)

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